Bisexual jargon: Beer Bi: Bisexual only when consuming alcoholic drinks.

Bisexual jargon: Beer Bi: Bisexual only when consuming alcoholic drinks.

Heteroflexible: mostly heterosexual, but having same-sex connections or gender from time to time.

Transgender Slang

Head gender: the style that male and female brains need specific qualities conducive to variations in thinking and conduct.

Admirer: somebody who was interested in transgender group.

Bind: To conceal bust.

DQ: milk queen, i.e. a pull queen that is got breast implants.

SRS: Intercourse reassignment procedures.

Transphobia: worries and hatred of transgender men.

Tuck: To hide male genitals by tucking all of them involving the thighs.

Tranny: Considered a derogatory slur to describe trans individuals.

Queer Jargon

Ursula: Queer woman whom hangs aside with «bears»; also known as a «Goldilocks.»

Cisgendered: Another phase for non-trans someone, for example another person’s human anatomy and sex identification complement.

Genderfuck: a person who looks visibly gender variant.

Genderqueer: anybody that does not—or won’t—adhere towards the hope of the just two gender presentations what all of our lifestyle permits.

Bigender: Bigender people identify as two men and women concurrently, or push between them.

Sex substance: discussing a gender personality that changes with time and/or circumstance in lieu of a resolve sex-role or gender queer appearance.

Girlfag: A woman that is really keen on gay/bi boys.

Guydyke: A man who’s really drawn to lesbian/bi ladies. He may (or may not) furthermore feeling he could be (totally or partially) a «lesbian in a man’s muscles.»

Agender (non-gender): Not identifying with any gender, the experience having no gender.

Common LGBTQ Slang:

Gaydar: jargon phase when it comes to ability to recognize different homosexuals. Its typically 90 percentage on point, or perhaps you want it to be!